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Consider Radiant Heating


Albuquerque Heating Choosing what type of system to use to heat your home is not always easy. Radiant heating provides a number of benefits over traditional systems. We can install a radiant heating system in nearly any type of home today. The difference can be dramatic if you are used to inefficient heating methods. You should understand some of the main pros and cons of radiant heating systems.

Why upgrade to a radiant heating system?

Upgrading from a conventional forced air system to radiant heating comes with several important advantages. You can save money on your heating costs because rooms will feel warmer at lower thermostat settings. This is because of the warmth of radiant heat. Radiant heating systems operate silently.
You will hear little to nothing while it is running. Another benefit is durability. Radiant heating systems require little maintenance and rarely need repairs. People with allergies will appreciate that radiant heating systems do not move air around the house keeping allergens contained. A final advantage is that the system requires no vents or radiators. This allows for more usable space in every room of your house.

How does a radiant heating system work?

Radiant heating systems work because of a series of pipes or wires that are run through your home. Thin pipes carrying water or even electrical heating lines are placed under your floorboards. We can place them in baseboards, walls and ceilings as well for added heat. Hot water or electricity is run through these lines.
The result is that the pipes or electrical cables start to radiate heat. This heat is transferred into the room above where it gently increases the air temperature and makes surfaces warm. Some radiant heating systems can be set to different temperatures in each room.

What are some potential downsides or repairs associated with radiant heating systems?

One potential downside is that radiant heating systems can be difficult to install depending on the construction of your house. They sometimes require replacing entire floors or pouring new concrete. Another potential disadvantage is that it could be difficult to get parts quickly to repair the system since they are not standardized or available locally in all areas.Albuquerque Radiant Heating
Radiant heating systems can limit your flooring options because whatever materials you choose need to be resistant to the heat. A final potential disadvantage is that radiant heating systems take longer to warm up a room than forced air systems.

With an upgraded radiant heating system in your Albuquerque home, you’ll feel revitalized. Call Daniel’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (505) 898-8860 today and see if a upgrading to a radiant system is right for you.