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Benefits of Radiant Heating

As a Albuquerque homeowner, having an effective and efficient heating system is a priority. When winter becomes unbearably cold outside, you need a warm, comfortable indoor refuge for you and your family.

Albuquerque, NM Radiant Heating ServicesIt can be difficult to determine whether radiant heating or forced air heating is the better choice for your home and unique circumstances, as there are advantages and disadvantages to each heating type. Here is some basic information to help make your decision a little easier.

What is the Difference Between Radiant Heating and Forced Air Heating?

In order to make a decision about your home heating needs, it is important to understand the differences between forced air radiant heating. The four major differences include:

Hot air tends to rise. Heated air traveling through your forced air system’s heating vents ends up near your ceiling and can be lost if your ceiling and attic isn’t properly insulated.

Forced air systems push air throughout the room, collecting and distributing dust, dirt and other indoor air pollutants from your heating ducts to your room. Radiant heating is better at keeping your home dust-free. With a forced air system you need to remember to keep your ductwork clean.

Forced air systems can create hot or cold spots in your room as the air circulates. Radiant heat heats objects, not air, resulting in more evenly distributed heat

Radiant heat offers more control over separate zones than forced air systems. While a forced air system’s programmable thermostat can control an entire home’s temperature, it isn’t able to vary the temperature of specific areas in the home.

While radiant heating and forced air heating have differences, they each have their own specific advantages:

Advantages of Forced Air Heating

Generally, forced air heating systems cost less to install and maintain, have only a few basic operating parts, are relatively simple to use, and when used with a programmable thermostat, are energy efficient. In addition, unlike radiant heat, an all-in-one forced air HVAC system can both heat and cool your Albuquerque home.

Advantages of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating offers zone control technology allowing each room to be heated to a different temperature, so if family members can’t all agree on what is a comfortable temperature setting, it may be the ideal solution.

Radiant heating doesn’t require baseboards, grills or ducts, so it provides more furniture placement options and can be more aesthetically pleasing. Because dust and pollen aren’t being circulated through the air, it is a good choice for family members suffering from allergies or asthma.

With an upgraded radiant heating system in your Albuquerque, NM home, you’ll feel revitalized. Call Daniel’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (505) 898-8860 today and see if a upgrading to a radiant system is right for you.