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What Are Some Tools That HVAC Technicians Use, and Why?

HVAC technicians perform a wide range of jobs and possess a versatile skill set. They need to be trained in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in order to tackle all HVAC needs. In order to fix any problems that they may come across, HVAC technicians need to have a wide range of tools with them at all times.

There are some tools that are necessary for almost every job. These are tools that many people are familiar with and may have in their own homes, like hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Other tools are more technical and are more likely to only be used by specialized professionals, like multimeters and power drills. This article will be covering the broad range of tools needed to get an HVAC job done right.

Basic HVAC Tools

essential toolsMany tools that HVAC professionals need are tools that most everyone has in their own home. These tools are versatile, like the HVAC field, and they can come in handy in a variety of situations. For example, HVAC technicians will always carry multiple sizes of screwdrivers to be prepared for any size screw.

They will also be sure to have different shaped screwdrivers to be ready for any scenario. Hammers are also important tools for every HVAC technician to carry because they can be used in a variety of situations.

Tape measures and wrenches are also essential tools for these technicians. Pliers are important because they come in different sizes and can help manipulate wires, bolts, and pipes. Flashlights come in handy for poorly-lit projects, and therefore they are also carried by all HVAC technicians.

HVAC Tools For Specialized Jobs

Some jobs that HVAC technicians perform are more specialized and therefore require more technical tools. HVAC technicians regularly deal with electricity and live wires. Therefore, it is important that they carry a multimeter. Multimeters are able to tell a technician if electricity is present and what the voltage is. Because HVAC technicians deal with temperature-dependent systems very often, it is also important that they carry a digital thermometer.

specialized tools

These tools help keep track of the temperature of the system, ensuring consistency and customer satisfaction. Saws also come in handy for technicians, because they need to cut ducts or pipes to the correct size or to gain access to tight areas. HVAC technicians may also carry tools like a coil fin straightener. This tool helps straighten and clean AC condenser coils when they get dirty, clogged, and twisted, which improves heat exchange and airflow in AC units, which is an important aspect of HVAC technician’s jobs.

Safety Tools for HVAC Technicians

safety precautionHVAC technicians need to have safety tools that will protect them from the everyday dangers of their profession. Working with tools, especially power tools, comes with inherent risks. HVAC technicians also work in dusty environments that can get into their eyes or lungs.

It is important for technicians to wear safety glasses when working in dusty environments or when using power tools to protect their eyes. They can also wear face masks if working in an extremely dusty environment.

Wearing heavy, steel-toed work boots help protect their feet from anything that might drop on them – like a hammer or a window AC unit. Sturdy boots also prevent technicians from slipping when working on plumbing jobs. Earplugs are also important to protect their hearing when using loud power tools.

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