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It can be quite frustrating when your central air conditioning system stops working just as the weather warms up. Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC understands that when this happens, the problem needs to be addressed right away in order to restore the comfort of your home or commercial property. Whether the issue is minor and a simple repair can solve the problem or more serious complications warrant the need for a replacement system, we possess the knowledge and skill for handling the matter in the most efficient way possible.

Cooling System Installation Repair Services Albuquerque NM

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What are some signs that you need an AC contractor?

It is not uncommon for cooling systems to need an occasional repair from time to time. Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that may indicate the need for professional services. Noticing issues with your air conditioner system early on and contacting our expert technicians for service will help you to avoid more severe complications in the future. These signs include:

  • Limited or weak airflow from vents.
  • The collection of condensation near the AC unit.
  • Ice that has formed on the central air conditioning unit itself.
  • An abnormal odor indicating the possibility of mold growth or an electrical problem.
  • Unusual sounds coming from your unit.

What are the benefits of a professional AC company?

Occasionally, the problems with a cooling system are serious enough to warrant replacing the unit altogether. However, there are several benefits to installing a new air conditioning system. You will be able to take advantage of a more efficient unit, guaranteeing a stable and highly comfortable interior climate, along with decreased monthly energy bills. Perhaps you will decide on a ductless mini AC split system. These sleek and modern units can be installed virtually anywhere and will allow for zoned cooling throughout your property. This will give you the ability to set various temperature in every room where one of these units have been installed.

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will additionally help to improve the efficiency of your AC systems by controlling the climate in your home or commercial property according to a set schedule. A new system will also be more effective at managing humidity, improving indoor air quality and overall interior comfort. Our trusted staff can help you to choose the best cooling system for your specific needs and requirements. So trust our air conditioning installation services for your home!

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What type of maintenance is required to keep your unit functioning properly?

Regularly scheduled AC inspections and tune-ups will keep your cooling system running longer and more efficiently than its poorly maintained counterpart. Consistent air filter replacement will prevent your air conditioning system from being overworked and inhibit the buildup of dust in your unit as well as in your property. Filters can be changed every 3 months but it may need to be done more often in times of heavy use. Evaporator coils can collect dust and debris, particularly when filters are not changed often.

Leaves and other debris can interfere with several different components on the outside portion of your unit including the coils. Dirty coils can reduce the efficiency of your AC and cause a steady increase in your monthly energy bills. An annual AC maintenance inspection from our certified professionals can ensure that your system continues to function at its peak and will help to minimize the risk of future problems. During colder weather it is also important to keep the outside portion of your unit protected by using an insulated cover.

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Charles B.

Charles B.

Mini split seasonal maintenance

Near Camino Don Tomas, Bernalillo, NM 87004

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Brian C.

Brian C.

6 zone ductless system install

Near Midnight Vista Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
Albuquerque, NM - 6 zone ductless system install

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Charles B.

Charles B.

Fireplace diagnostic & repair. Customers fireplace now operating in good, clean & safe condition

Near Calle Merida NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

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Christina M.

Christina M.

New Carrier Furnace replacement

Near Academy Ridge Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111
Albuquerque, NM - New Carrier Furnace replacement

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Christina M.

Christina M.

New Bryant Furnace and Coil installation

Near Admiral Nimitz Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111
Albuquerque, NM - New Bryant Furnace and Coil installation

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