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Why Are Air Conditioners So Cool?

People often take things like our air conditioning for granted. Those who live in hot climates rely on their AC systems for comfort during the summer months. Understanding the AC unit within the home can help homeowners to make informed decisions about their systems. Understanding the parts of a unit and how they work can also save the homeowner money in the long run.

The Main Parts of an Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners can be daunting. While they do require a professional for repair, the basic anatomy and function can be understood by most homeowners. There are three major components of an air conditioning unit: the coils, the compressor, and the refrigerant lines. 

  • Coils: Two coils help an air conditioner to function. One is the evaporator coil, which helps draw in heat from the home. The other is the condenser coil, which helps to release the heat outside of the home. One of the most common air conditioning issues is a blockage in one of these coils.
  • Compressor: The coolant that cycles through the unit is converted from a liquid to a gas by the compressor. Issues with this component can result in expensive repairs or even a replacement of the whole system.
  • Refrigerant lines: The refrigerant is responsible for transferring heat from the home to the outside. The lines that cycle through are what make the cooling process possible.

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How Do AC Units Work?

Rather than create cold air inside the home, air conditioners remove heat and transfer it outdoors. This transfer takes place with the refrigerant contained inside the coils explained above. First, the refrigerant absorbs the heat through the evaporator coils. As the heat is absorbed, the refrigerant transforms from a liquid to a gas and travels to the compressor. 

It is in the compressor where the refrigerant gets hot and travels outside. The outside air sucks the heat out of the refrigerant, which changes it back into a liquid. Meanwhile, the cold refrigerant moves into the home to repeat the process. This continues until the thermostat of the home signals the unit to turn off. 

Call a Professional

While some may think an AC unit is easy to understand and repair themselves, homeowners should trust a professional with it. Proper installation can determine whether the system will be operational and last as long as it should. It is also important to recognize that professionals are needed for all repairs to the system or unit. Attempting to “DIY” an air conditioning repair can result in even larger issues and higher repair costs. 

But even if there is no new unit or an issue that needs repair, it is important to have regular professional maintenance done. A professional can ensure the system is running efficiently, checking the wires, filters, and vents to ensure they are all working. Yearly check-ups can also extend the lifespan of This routine maintenance can even result in lower energy costs. 

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