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Boiler Facts

These Fun Facts About Boilers May Change Your Mind About Them

Have you resisted getting a boiler so far, mostly because you don’t know much about them? The installation of a new boiler is the single most “green” thing you can do to save energy resources as well as cut your energy bill.

Here are 6 facts about boilers that can help you better understand how your life can benefit from purchasing a new boiler as your heating system.

1 – A New Boiler Will Save You Thousands In The Long Run

Save MoneyA new boiler costs most people about a thousand dollars to install, but the long-term savings are well worth it.

If you keep the thermostat turned down, you can see a reduction in your heating costs up to 90%.

Keeping the thermostats turned down is easy to accomplish because of the pipes inside a radiant heating system warmth for a long time.

2 – Boiler Heating Systems Don’t Double As Humidifiers

HumidityMany people fear that a boiler heating system will add moisture to the air.

This is a false impression because of the image of steam that the old-school name “boiler.”

No humidity is added to the air unless you program it to be through the thermostat that now comes with most systems.

3 – High Water Pressure Increases a Boiler’s Efficiency

Water PressureIt is not a great idea to get a new boiler if your home does not have sufficient water pressure to keep it running efficiently.

The pipes in the system must be full of water for the water to be constantly and properly circulated throughout your home.

Consult with your plumber in order to see what can be done to increase your water pressure and consider having it fixed at the same time that you are having your boiler fixed.

4 – Some Boilers Can Be Retrofitted With New Parts

Boiler QuestionDon’t think that you have to buy a completely new boiler to help cut your energy costs.

Consult with an HVAC to see if the boiler you have can be retrofitted to natural gas.

Usually, this involves removing the exhaust vents and sealing the flue. However, you might find that this is just as expensive as buying a new boiler in the first place.

If your furnace and boiler are over fifteen years old, it is probably best to just replace it all

5 – Boilers Are the Best Choice for Saving the Environment

Energy Efficient BoilerAs all of the energy in this system is simply recycled, it is the greenest, best choice for homeowners who are concerned about the environment.

Natural gas burns very clean and does not emit particulates or carbon dioxide outdoors or indoor.

Many people, especially those with asthma, find that their breathing improves once they install the greener condenser boiler system that runs on natural gas. In conclusion, Albuquerque, NM residents should look into installing a new boiler, especially if it is older and if they are experiencing high water and fuel bills.

It is also a good idea to convert your fuel system to natural gas and improve your water pressure, as these are essential components that help a condenser system function. Keep in mind that installing everything at the same time can help you save costs on home heating refurbishment.