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You open the door after a chilly walk home expecting to feel that incredible burst of warm air, but what do you get? Nothing warmer than the weather outside. If this is becoming a frequent problem then it may be time to have your furnace replaced. If your unit is no longer running like it should or has stopped working altogether the skilled technicians at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC can help you to decide on a more efficient model suited to the specific needs of you and your residence. We also provide fast and affordable installations to commercial property owners in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. We promise that your new furnace will create the ideal interior climate for you and your loved ones, and if any problems do arise our heating and cooling specialist will be right there to offer prompt and effective solutions.

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Furnace Installation Replacement Services in Alburquerque, NM

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement Services?

As your furnace gets older and becomes less efficient it will start to develop more frequent issues and require the need for subsequent repairs. Paying repair fees seems easier than replacing the whole unit, but in the long run you are actually spending more money. Another sign that it may be time to upgrade your old furnace with a newer model is a steady increase in your monthly heating bills. Even if your furnace doesn’t have any obvious problems, and may have a few years left in it, it could still be running less efficiently. In this case it would be more cost-effective to have the system replaced.

What Are the Benefits of a New Furnace Installation?

There are several benefits to purchasing a new furnace. Newer furnaces, like any other product, improve each year. Updates, new features, and higher efficiency are all a guarantee with a new unit. It’s estimated that today’s high efficiency furnaces consume up to 30% less fuel than older systems, which will help to drastically reduce your monthly utility bills. Old furnaces make a lot more noise while in operation, but with the installation of a new model you will barely hear a thing. New systems will also produce more even heating and maintain their temperature at a more consistent level. If you are thinking about installing a new furnace in your home or building our knowledgeable staff can help you to choose the right system tailored to the specific needs of you and your property.

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What Are Some Common Furnace Problems?

As with any system in a home or commercial property, furnaces will develop problems from time to time. Some of these issues will be minor and can be solved by a simple repair, while other complications can be more extreme and potentially put residents at serious risk. Some common furnace problems include:

  • Lack of maintenance: Failing to schedule regular maintenance visits with our certified professionals can lead to a number of issues with your furnace.
  • Dirty or clogged filters: Furnace filters can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that can cause your system to malfunction and lead to poor indoor air quality. Replacing your filters as required will lessen the strain on your unit.
  • Mechanical wear and tear: As your furnace ages it will start to develop more frequent issues and begin to lose efficiency. When this happens it is usually more cost-effective to get a furnace replacement.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: If the temperature in your home or commercial property does not correlate with the setting on your thermostat a service appointment will be needed to determine the cause of the issue.
  • Inadequate airflow: Disrupted airflow can cause your unit to overheat.
  • Carbon monoxide leak: Cracks in your furnace can cause carbon monoxide to leak out, creating a highly dangerous situation in your home or commercial property. If the pilot light on your unit has turned from blue to yellow, you notice an excessive amount of condensation on your windows, or start to feel sick in any way, evacuate your property immediately and contact our professionals for emergency service.


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