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How Geothermal Cooling Works and its Benefits

Geothermal heating may sound like a contradiction in terms, but the use of natural underground water to cool or heat above-the-ground facilities is quite common. More and more, builders and homeowner are turning to the earth to let it provide the natural energy and resource to heat and cool their houses, even here in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, NM Geothermal Heating ServicesGeothermal energy vs geothermal cooling/heating systems

Many people hear the word ‘geothermal’ and immediately think of geysers spewing superheated water from deep within the earth to produce geothermal energy.

The geyser-driven geothermal energy plants that produce electricity and the geothermal HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems for homes and buildings are two different animals. Geothermal energy plants can only be located where geothermal geysers are found. Geothermal HVAC systems can be installed anywhere

Geothermal HVAC cooling system

Geothermal HVAC systems usually consist of an above ground heat pump and compressor and a buried system of polyethylene pipes called an “earth loop.” The pipes circulate water from below ground through the heat-exchange pump and compressor, generating either hot or cool air as needed. In extreme cold-weather climates, some sort of anti-freeze solution needs to be added to the water to keep it from freezing. Other than that, an earth-loop piping system has no working parts that can break and needs little if any maintenance.

Since the ground absorbs nearly half of the solar energy the earth receives, the temperature just below the surface remains at a constant and moderate temperature all year round. In the summer, heat is removed from this water by the heat-exchange pump and the cooled water acts as a refrigerant for the air conditioning system. In winter, the opposite occurs: the pump and compressor take the cold out of the earth water and transfer it into heat for the furnace

Benefits of Geothermal Cooling

There are many benefits and advantages of using a geothermal cooling system. Unlike traditional noisy air conditioning units that have their equipment positioned outside on roof tops or in side yards, geothermal systems are quiet and are located indoors.

Geothermal heat-pump systems use the earth to heat the circulating water rather than gas, wood or coal that produce air pollution and excess carbon dioxide.

By utilizing the earth’s energy from under their own property to cool or heat their house, Albuquerque homeowners can realize a 70% reduction in their gas and electricity bills. And other than the electricity needed to power the pump and compressor, there is no production of greenhouse gases from a geothermal HVAC system.

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