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Learn What HVAC Maintenance Is All About

Fall is coming, but that doesn’t mean cold weather is here. Even when the air is chilly, and there may occasionally be a frost, this time of year makes homeowners crave warmth. Before it gets below freezing or ice appears, homeowners should use the time for early HVAC maintenance on their heating system.

The Benefits of Maintaining the Heater

Some homeowners fail to understand that heating systems require annual maintenance to keep operating as the manufacturer intended. The system is put through a lot of wear and tear from constant usage, and after the season, it goes into nonuse. This is an excellent time to inspect the system for worn parts or wiring and have a professional take corrective action.

The following are some advantages of heating maintenance:

  • Ensuring that the heating system will function as needed
  • Extending the lifespan of the heater
  • Addressing the typical wear and tear the system experiences each season
  • Improving system performance and efficiency
  • Homeowners have the assurance that their system has undergone a thorough inspection

Homeowners can perform some maintenance procedures independently, such as ensuring the unit is clear of trash and debris and regularly changing the air filters. However, homeowners typically do not have regular access to the inner workings of their system. Homeowners should consider a professional when scheduling maintenance to check for worn parts and outdated components that could affect the heating system.

What’s Involved in Heater Maintenance?

Homeowners may not consider heater maintenance important because they do not know what is involved. So, what is involved? Quite a lot. Yes, a new filter will be installed, and the system will also receive a thorough cleaning inside the unit. However, lubricant will also be applied to all moving parts. The thermostat and system controls will be checked to ensure correct operation, and all electrical connections will be tightened. The condensate drain pan and assembly will be examined and, if necessary, cleaned. Additionally, voltage and amperage will be checked to ensure they are at the correct levels.

Is It Too Early to Worry About the Heater?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the heating system is ready to go when the first cold front hits? Since the heating system has been inactive since last spring, it is a good time to get it inspected by a professional before winter officially begins. The fall season brings moderate temperatures, giving the HVAC system a respite from working so hard. The unit will need to be turned off while the HVAC professional works on it. One good aspect of services during this time of year is that homeowners may not even be aware that the system is off!

Three main advantages of starting annual tune-up early include:

  • Homeowners can plan their service at a time that’s convenient for them and beat rush hour. Early spring is typically a slower time for technicians because homeowners are opening their windows more, using their HVAC systems less, and usually not thinking about servicing HVAC.
  • Homeowners will have plenty of time to fix their system if an expert finds a problem before the winter heating season starts.
  • Having their system tuned up before real cold weather hits will lessen the likelihood of a freezing winter breakdown.

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