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3 Tricks to Finding the Best Plumbing Service Nearby

When a plumbing issue arises during this busy time of year, it may be difficult to know where to turn. A homeowner will certainly want to find a professional plumber who can do the work, but they also want to be confident that it is done right. There are ways to do a quick bit of research on the local area plumbers that will put any homeowner at ease with their choice for plumbing maintenance or repair. Two or three internet searches and a phone call can alleviate any concerns for the customer.

Look for 5 Stars

Reviews are an important aspect of researching any service professional, from doctors to carpet cleaners. Websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook make it easy to discover what previous customers are saying about different companies. While people make mistakes and no one can expect there to be all five-star reviews, a company showing consistently good reviews will be a good candidate for employment.

It doesn’t always work just to search for “plumbers near me.” Certain languages will appeal to potential customers, so look for words and phrases that show how the business is run:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Prompt
  • On-Time
  • Friendly
  • Fast
  • Reasonable
  • Cares about customers
  • Job well done
  • Great customer service

Certifications and Good Insurance

Another important aspect of finding a good plumber is checking for licenses and insurance. If a company is fully licensed and insured, the customer knows that their home is protected and that the company has gone through a rigorous approval process to get licensed, and they should be able to complete any work that a homeowner needs.

  • State Licensing: While it is different in every state, the requirements for obtaining a license are similar no matter where a person is. A state license typically requires a certain number of hours in a field and may even have apprentice and journeyman levels. A fully licensed plumber has gone through a great deal of training to reach their level.
  • Insurance: Companies need to be fully insured to protect themselves and their customers. Often licensing agencies will not issue a license without at least a minimal amount of insurance, just as with a car tag. A plumbing company should have both worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance to cover damages for both their employees and their clients should the worst happen.

Are There Reasonable Maintenance Membership Plans?

Many plumbing companies have made the move to ensure that their customers get the preventative care that their homes need and thereby have fewer plumbing emergencies. These membership plans or maintenance plans typically involve a regular fee (monthly or yearly), and then there is no other cost for certain types of repair and plumbing maintenance.

This makes sense for both the plumber and the customer. The plumber is provided income and regular jobs, and the client can keep their home in the best possible condition at a minimal cost. It is a money-saving solution for savvy homeowners.

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