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Benefits of Humidifiers for the Fall and Winter Months

With the fall and winter seasons approaching we’re looking forward to crunchy leaves, apple cider, snow days and hot chocolate! Along with these warm seasonal traditions, however, comes skin dryness which reduces humidity levels. It is important that appropriate levels of humidity be maintained, as it can affect health and comfort. A house humidifier can deliver much needed moisture to the air, keeping everyone in your family comfortable and healthy.

Albuquerque Humidifier InstallationFall and Winters Itchy Skin

When we kiss summer goodbye, many often experience overly dry and flakey skin, even cracking lips. Water makes up a good portion of our bodies, so it is vital to ensure that our organs, including skin, maintains moistness to ward off these irritations. Our sweat glands also reduce moisture in the body when weather is dryer with less humidity. Along with drier skin comes itchy throats, dry cough (often when accompanied with the common cold) and the aggravation of allergies, even asthma.

Winter Colds and Flu

Many feel that we get sick during the winter due to the extreme cold temperatures but that is not so. One main reason is the drier air which causes our membranes to dry out, leading them to crack, which promptly opens the door for viruses to get into our bloodstreams, leading to the common cold or allergies.

Dry Air Effects on Furnishings

We tend to not consider that dry air also can affect home and business furnishings. For instance you may have noticed that dry heat can dry out lumber such as when cracks form in crown molding. Even wood floors tend to creak and split more during chilly temperatures, paint and plaster can chip away and wood furniture can develop some cracking. This is normal because the cool dry weather causes the wood to become extra dry, which tend to shrink these kinds of furnishings, requiring future repairs. It can be a great investment to have a humidifier installed in a home or office just for these reasons alone.

Whole House Humidifier

By having a humidifier professionally installed (this unit is installed into a building’s heating and cooling system) in a home or business, you can ensure that individuals (and furnishings) will receive adequate moisture for better health and efficient energy. So protect those that you care about from the uncomfortableness and damaging effects of dry air.

Prevent dry skin and winter colds in your Albuquerque home with a humidifier! Call Daniel’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (505) 510-4632.