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Three Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As a homeowner, ensuring a healthy and comfortable living environment is paramount. It means the difference between breathing easily and not breathing at all. However, many homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to promoting good indoor air quality. Some don’t even know that the air they breathe could improve.

Here, homeowners can gain insight into how to improve their home’s breathability. These considerations take mere minutes to complete, yet can yield results that last months. Ways to improve good indoor air quality include:

air filterReplacing the AC Unit’s Air Filters

EnergyStar is one of the nation’s leading authorities on indoor air quality and energy efficiency. It notes that homeowners could change their AC unit’s air filter once every three months. But what’s an air filter?

These devices filter out airborne contaminants like dust, dander, and other debris. In the long run, they make a home’s air more breathable and prevent the HVAC system from overheating.

While changing the air filter trimonthly is a good plan, one may consider changing it more often if:

  • The AC unit smells like it’s burning
  • Residents suffer respiratory problems, like coughing, sneezing, and wheezing
  • The AC system short-cycles, meaning it turns on and off quickly
  • The home has many furry four-legged friends that shed

Wiping Down the AC System’s Evaporator Coils

The AC system’s evaporator coil absorbs heat from outside and works with the condenser coil to generate cool air. Because evaporator coils are generally located outside of the home, they can get dirty, and they don’t work efficiently when that happens. A coil can be dirtied with dirt, mud, and leaves.

The good news is that cleaning the AC unit’s evaporator coil is easy. It involves:

  • Turning off the AC system (nobody wants to risk getting burned or electrocuted)
  • Dampening a paper towel or cloth
  • Wiping down the coils, being sure to remove all debris
  • Turning the AC unit back on

Within a few hours of cleaning the evaporator coil, homeowners will see a noticeable difference in their home’s air quality. They’ll also notice less mold and mildew growth, which can affect a home’s habitability.

indoor air quality testingSchedule an Indoor Air Quality Testing Appointment

Homeowners should schedule indoor air quality testing at least once a year. A skilled professional can conduct a series of tasks to measure humidity, check for mold spores, and evaluate the HVAC system.

An indoor air quality service professional will do this by:

  • Conducting a visual inspection. An experienced HVAC specialist can measure indoor air quality by checking for mold growth, soggy drywall, and other concerns.
  • Checking the home for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can seriously affect indoor air quality, creating foul odors and even putting homeowners at risk of serious conditions.
  • Inspecting the air filter. What may look like a clean air filter to a homeowner may look like a dirty air filter to a trained professional. Simply getting a new one could work wonders in improving air quality.

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