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Keep Your Valentine’s Day Hot With Central HVAC Services

We may not have a date this Valentine’s Day, but we do have a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay with our name written all over it. Unfortunately, nobody swiped right on our profile this year, but that’s okay. For those who are planning a romantic night, be sure that the only thing heating up is your date, not your home.

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a sweltering fortress – unless that was your plan – which it most likely isn’t. For many people, the central HVAC system in their home is the last thing on their mind, but when it’s affecting your love life, it may be time to take a second look.

Central HVAC: Now is The Time to Shine

centralhvacSeeing as how this is New Mexico, you’re probably aware that despite it being February, it’s hotter than the surface of Mars. You tried frying an egg on the sidewalk and it literally just evaporated… NOT!

It’s freezing here, but the possibility of your place heating up because of valentine’s is a good one, so you should take the time to have your Central HVAC system fully serviced and inspected. You don’t want to be caught in the heat with a faulty system.

Your heating and cooling system should keep you comfortable all year long, which is why you should always be on the lookout for trouble signs like fluctuating temperatures, higher than usual energy costs, or even foul smells. The earlier you address the central HVAC concerns in your home, the faster you’ll be comfortable.

Heating Services & You

heatingservicesRemember the last time you had to turn the heat on? Whether it was years, months, or yesterday, you never know when the next incredible Arctic Blast may come.

Your heating system should be in tip-top shape, ready for anything. Freak weather? No problem.

If you hire a reputable contractor to do regular, routine maintenance on your HVAC system, you’ll be ready for everything from heat waves to cold fronts and everything in between, no matter when the strange weather hits.

When you need us most, our contractors at Daniels Heating and Air, LLC are available to help you 365 days a year, no questions asked.

Your AC Filter Loves You. Is it Mutual?

acfilterYou love your family, your friends, your pets, your neighbors, your home, your favorite TV shows, and lots of other people, places and things. But what about your AC filter?

Your AC filter needs love too and unlike your favorite TV show, it can have a big impact on your life! A clean AC vent is what determines whether clean, cool air is circulated throughout your home.

A fresh filter is what keeps your air from being contaminated by allergens, dust, dirt and other pollutants. Take the time to schedule regular maintenance. Your AC Filter deserves a lot of love. After all, it keeps your home safe, clean, and full of breathable air.

No matter how you’re spending this Valentine’s Day at home or out on a date, the bottom line is, you deserve to be comfortable when you get home thanks to a working HVAC system. Call Daniels Heating and Air, LLC at (505) 898-8860 to get that last minute help you need keeping your HVAC system in check.