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Learn to Find a Reputable HVAC Company Near You

Searching for a reputable HVAC company near you can be a daunting task. However, if you follow certain criteria, you stand a very good chance of finding the perfect contractor for your home.

Thanks to the internet, finding a good for HVAC contractor is easier than ever. Taking a few preliminary steps before the hiring process will ensure that the HVAC company you choose will be able to provide top quality service.

Do a Lot of Research

“hvacservicearea”Do a Google search for HVAC companies near you and then go to their website. Check the areas they serve. Read their mission statement and check what services they provide.

It’s important to note that a good looking website can be deceiving. So, look for companies that are listed on the Contractors Board in your state. Check that their license is current.

Are they also are bonded and insured? Check their customer reviews, but do so with a grain of salt. Some unscrupulous contractors have been known to pay for Five Stars reviews. Ask your neighbors who they call when they need a reputable HVAC technician in the area.

Ask a Ton of Questions

When you have narrowed it down to at least 3 to 5 possible candidates, call them up and ask a ton of questions. A reputable HVAC contractor will be glad to answer all your questions, such as:


  • What services do you currently offer?
  • What areas do you work in?
  • Do you offer 24/7 emergency service?
  • What brands do you carry?
  • Do you offer a flat rate?
  • How long does your warranty last?
  • Ask if they are licensed by the state, (even if they are on the Contractors Board). Asking will demonstrate you are a smart consumer.
  • Look for customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau.
  • Be wary if you get a quote over the phone.
  • The lowest bidder is not necessarily the best, and don’t trust a quote that is very low.
  • Ask for references and call them. A reputable HVAC contractor will be able to provide references. Call them up to ask if they are happy with the contractor’s service.
  • Ensure that the work to be done is clearly itemized in writing.

Get everything in writing! Verbal agreements are acceptable, but they will not hold up in court. Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives if they know of a good HVAC company near you.

Preliminary Home Inspection

A reputable HVAC company will go to your home before the job starts to check your HVAC system and to determine the issue. They will take measurements of your space and check your ductwork and insulation in order to offer you the best possible solution.

This initial inspection lets the contractor know what work is necessary and the equipment size needed. A quality HVAC company will always conduct a home inspection before the work begins.

Listen to Your Gut

“hvacchooseus”Research is key when searching for a quality HVAC company near you, but you should also pay attention to your instincts. This is an important part of your selection process.

If you feel that the contractor is not being transparent, say good-bye. A reputable HVAC company will not mind explaining every detail of the work they are about to do.

They want you to understand the scope of the work they are proposing to do. After you’ve done the research, call Daniels Heating and Air, LLC in Albuquerque, NM for a consultation. They will be happy to answer all of your questions. You will be hard pressed to find a better HVAC company near you.