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Tips for Solving Air Conditioning Challenges

Summer is coming soon! Home air conditioning is a major factor in living a comfortable life at home and ensuring the family is safe when temperatures start to rise outside. Many homeowners don’t think about maintaining major systems in the home until a repair is needed. Still, some minor tweaks to mindsets can save thousands of dollars in repair bills and headaches!

Regular Air Filter Replacement

Dirty air filters cause the central air system to work harder, which drives up energy bills. Chronically clogged filters will degrade the unit’s performance and eventually cause the unit to break down sooner than expected, which could result in the need for full system repair or replacement.

Filters don’t cost much (average $20-40 per filter in most areas) and are easy to replace. HVAC companies will offer a service call to a homeowner who is uncomfortable or unsure how to change the filter the first time and walk through the process.

Filters should be changed at least every 90 days, but it’s recommended to change every 30 days if there are pets in the home or occupants that have allergies to dust or dander.

Properly Working Thermostat

Common thermostat problems include:

  • The thermostat won’t reach the desired temperature
  • Can’t change the temperature on the thermostat
  • Room temperature isn’t the same as temperature on the thermostat

Many thermostats have a “lock” feature that will prevent changes from being made or transition into “Auto” mode, so manual entries will not be accepted. Over time, dirt or corrosion can impede the ability of the unit to function properly, so cleaning becomes necessary. If the unit has no power, check the batteries then wiring to the unit. Checking the breaker in the breaker box might find that the breaker is flipped, which cuts power to the thermostat. Sometimes, thermostat problems are easy to diagnose, but HVAC pros are always willing to service the unit to repair or replace it.

Annual AC Maintenance

While filters need to be changed every 30-90 days depending on a homeowner’s specific living situation, household units should be cleaned and inspected annually. This is to catch minor problems before they become major problems and clean any debris from exterior units that impair function or corrosion from interior units.

Maintenance plans include checking refrigerant, power to the unit, lines going from the unit to the home to ensure they aren’t freezing, and overall function. Most HVAC companies offer customers that purchase maintenance packages from them discounts on services, priority in line for emergency service calls, and warranty on repairs or equipment replacement.

Finding a trustworthy company prioritizes the comfort of the family then establishing a long-term relationship with them can be key to having a great homeownership experience for years to come!

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