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Flu Season – How to Keep Air-borne Viruses At Bay

Many understand that the winter months are prime time for flu contraction and transmission without understanding why. The reality is that indoor air quality in your Albuquerque home is one of the biggest factors that govern whether or not you’ll get sick. If you pay attention to the following guidelines, you can drastically reduce the danger from air-borne viruses.

Albuquerque, NM Air Filtration ServicesMake It Harder for Germs to Fly

Studies have shown that viruses tend to do better in a dry climate. Winter is generally more conducive to low humidity in the home than summer. An indoor moisture content of roughly 50% will ensure that your woodwork doesn’t crack and that viruses can’t spread easily throughout the building.

Dust, Sweep, Vacuum and Disinfect

While viruses rarely survive on surfaces for longer than 24 hours, that time frame is large enough to allow for transmission. Make your own cleaning solution using citric acid, vinegar and water to scrub down things like door knobs and counters. Sweep hardwood floors, dust cabinets and vacuum the rugs. Be sure to regularly wash linens and cushion covers also.

Have Your HVAC System Cleaned & Tuned

Regardless of how your home heating and cooling system is set up, there are plenty of filters and ducts involved that invariably gum up the works. They can also encourage the spread of air-borne viruses if you’re not careful. Have an expert HVAC technician look at your ducts and recommend appropriate filter replacements.

Install an Air Filtration Machine

Annual HVAC cleaning and filter changes can only go so far when it comes to ensuring great indoor air quality. An air filtration machine will process every cubic foot of air and kill off or trap viruses that pose a threat. A machine with a UV light will zap microbes dead.

Keep Personal Cleaning Products Nearby

A person with the flu that coughs in their hand will eventually release those nasty viruses into the air if precautions aren’t taken. Keeping plenty of hand sanitizer handy will encourage residents and visitors to practice good hygiene. Position boxes of hand wipes and tissues around the house to keep germs in the trash where they belong.

Virus Mitigation Is a Long-Term Project

No single action will guarantee that the air in your Albuquerque home is virus-free. There’s no way to keep the flu and other air-borne viruses at bay for sure. However, a layered defense that incorporates the tactics spelled out above will give you a fighting chance in the war against air-borne illnesses.

Keep your Albuquerque, NM home free from the flu. Call Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning LLC today at (505) 898-8860, for air filtration and more!