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Pitfalls of Plumbing Remodels Without Permits

If you’re a homeowner, you probably have a few dream projects, like bathroom remodeling, for your house that will increase the value and make the place more comfortable. These often include plumbing projects like kitchen remodeling or bathroom upgrades, and many of these tasks will require a permit.

People often think of permits as something you only need if you’re going to be adding a new structure to your property, but many common plumbing jobs require permits as well, and you can avoid a number of headaches by planning for this critical step.

You May End Up Getting Fined

“penaltyfine”One of the ways that officials encourage people to get permits is by levying fines against those who don’t, and that is also true with plumbing permits.

As long as you go through the right channels and get all your paperwork in place, then you won’t have a problem.

However, if you fail to get the permit you need before you start work, then you could face fines for not complying with the law.

What’s more, you might even have to halt work on your project, and could be responsible for making repairs that will bring the project up to code before you can continue your work.

You’ll Be Ignoring the Advice of Licensed Professionals

“noprofessional”Contrary to the beliefs of some, licensed and professional plumbing companies would much rather perform work when they know the proper permits are in place.

Here’s why: the permitting process also involves inspections, and that means homeowners and their families are protected against improper work, inappropriate materials, and other mistakes.

When work is permitted and inspected, it reduces the chance for error, ensures safety, and guarantees that you’ll get the longest life possible from your plumbing work. In other words, the professional plumbers here in Albuquerque, NM would encourage you to get a permit for any plumbing job that requires it, regardless of who will be performing the work.

The Work May Not Meet Safety Standards

When work gets done in your house, you want to take measures to ensure the safety of your family and home, and permits can help you do this. Obtaining a permit for plumbing work means the work will be inspected and done to code, and then you won’t have to worry about common problems that can arise from improper work, such as:

  • Leaks and flooding.
  • Water damage and mold problems.
  • No water pressure.
  • Sewer problems.
  • Blockages.
  • Health problems that come from mold and bacteria.

The main reason homeowners avoid getting permits is to save money, but in the end, there are too many problems that can occur if you forgo this step. Along with having to spend even more money in the form of fines or costly repairs, you could also be putting your family, your home, at risk.

In reality, most plumbing jobs do require a permit, so make sure you look into this before you start your project, and that way you’ll avoid the common pitfalls of plumbing work when doing a kitchen or bathroom remodeling.