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Why Change Your Bathroom Plumbing to Commercial Toilets?

Many people see the convenience of toilets when they visit their favorite restaurants or at their place of employment and wonder why they can’t have the same kind of toilets at their house?

These backless toilets are not as bulky, the maintenance expectations are less, and cleaning the toilet itself becomes an easier task. Why don’t people see more commercial toilets in houses?

The biggest reason has to do with the plumbing system. The plumbing system in your home is very different than a commercial store. For this reason, and several more, you should not consider installing a commercial toilet in your home.

Understanding the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Toilets

residential vs commercialTraditional residential grade toilets will use a siphon to extract the water and waste from the bowl into the drain. In order for this to happen, water must come at a rapid speed into the siphon to successfully complete the flush.

The water supply lines that are used for residential toilet installations use do not match up to what is needed for a commercial toilet. Residential toilets use water storage tanks to provide enough water to help the toilet flush completely. The water from the tank flows into the bowl with enough force to activate the siphon to remove the contents of the bowl.

Commercial toilets receive its water from a larger commercial-grade water supply line that is able to deliver water pressure powerful enough to carry the waste directly to the drainage system. Because of how violently the water needs to be used, residential water supply lines just can’t handle this much volume all at once.

Underground Plumbing Systems Differ

When comparing commercial and residential underground plumbing systems, there are some major differences. The first is the fact that commercial underground systems are handling a large amount of toilet waste from one area. The drainage can consist of vertical stacks, branch lines, and horizontal underground lines. The plumbing system is major underneath a mall, condo, or large building.

underground plumbing system

The residential underground plumbing system can either be used through a sewer system or septic tank. Many towns offer town sewer is where all of your waste will travel to a certain spot in the town. Many other houses have to have their own septic tank buried in their yard to collect waste. This has to be pumped every so often so that it doesn’t overflow and create a mess. A septic tank would not be able to handle the amount of waste that large buildings would expel.

Tankless Toilets – A Quality Compromise

tankless toiletsOne option people can consider for their home instead of commercial toilets is a tankless toilet. One of the pros is that they free up space while using less water. It looks nicer and the precision flushing mechanisms use only the amount of water needed to handle the removal of waste.

People also have the design flexibility that they can’t get from residential toilets. They can easily be adapted to the look fo your bathroom remodel or current design. A tankless toilet even makes your bathroom more convenient to use.

Since the bowl refills so quickly, it can be used again immediately. Tankless toilets will cost a lot more, but they will give you the look of the commercial toilet you desire.

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