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Warning Signs to Call in an HVAC Professional


Albuquerque HeatingA warm and cozy home. A comforting place that not only protects from those chilly winter nights, but is also a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Keeping it the optimal temperature is essential though, so watching out for warning signs is a basic way to avoid a major problem in the furnace area.

What To Watch For

The number one sign that there is an issue in the heating department is when the electricity bill suddenly and unexplainably sky rockets. This is a basic warning sign that there is a performance issue that needs checked out immediately to avoid a bigger and much more costly issue.

Banging and Clanging That Should Not Be

Furnaces generally have a noise when kicking on, but when they start making strange noises, it is time to call in the professional and see what the problem is. Pay attention to any sporadic or unusual sounds. Jumping on that small problem could resolved many future issues.

Other Important Issues To Be Aware Of

Other important signs that home owners need to be aware of are very straight forward as well, but are often overlooked. They require very little time but are essential to avoiding problematic issues in the future. It is important to check the color of the pilot light. If the light is yellow then there could possibly be an issues with gas combination.
If running correctly the flame will be blue. If air quality is poor, drafts are popping up everywhere, condensation is occurring, the furnace has trouble turning or staying on, or if the equipment is over 15 years old; calling a professional to give it a tune up is essential.

Call The Pros

It is essential to have a experienced licensed professional completely check and tune up a furnace. Not only are they specifically trained to do the job, they also are able to spot issues and other problems. Hiring an HVAC company is the only way to ensure that the job is done correctly, and that the furnace is running at optimal levels without being dangerous or inefficient.
Albuquerque Heater MaintenanceKeeping that furnace running right is foundational to creating a comfortable home environment. Watching for basic signs and calling a professional in for regular tune ups is the first step in not only avoiding costly replacements, but also in maintaining a cozy residence.

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