Efficient Ductless Mini Split AC System Installation in Santa Fe

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If you live in an older home that does not have ductwork already built in, or are simply looking for a more efficient way to cool and heat your Santa Fe, NM home, a ductless mini split may be the solution you need. Many area homeowners are also switching to ductless mini split systems simply as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional central AC systems.

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ductless mini split system services in Santa Fe, NM

Why Are Ductless Mini Splits Ideal for Homes without Ductwork?

If your home does not have built-in ductwork, it can be a costly hassle to add it in later. On top of that, forced AC systems can lose a significant amount of heating and cooling power, as much as 20-40% of their total energy consumption due to leaky ducts.

Ductless mini splits, on the other hand, do not use air ducts so they are ideal for older homes and new constructions built without ductwork. These modern efficient units heat and cool your home using an outdoor compressor and indoor air handler. Since they do not use ducts, they are more cost effective because they do not lose energy as is so common with forced central air systems.

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Who Would Benefit from Installing One of These Modern HVAC Systems?

Ductless mini splits are easy to install and simple to use, making them the perfect indoor comfort solution for both old and new homes. They are easily retrofitted to houses which do not have ducts and can be easily installed in room additions. They are also a great option for energy efficient homes which do not need a large central AC unit.

Other benefits of mini splits include:

  • Easy installation: Since these units do not require expensive ductwork, less labor is required for ductless mini split installations and repairs.
  • Save money: Mini splits do not lose energy to leaky ductwork, meaning you’ll save money on your energy bills.
  • More control: Ductless mini splits are controlled using remotes and timers, so you can customize the temperature in individual rooms.

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