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Three Easy Ways to Save on Electric Bills

EnergySage reports that New Mexico residents can expect to pay around $140 monthly on their heating and cooling bills. However, without certain measures, a homeowner could find themselves paying even more––cutting into their holiday budget. Thankfully, there are many things residents can do to lower their energy bills.

Some eco-friendly (and cost-saving) considerations include:

Upgrading to a Programmable Thermostat

Nest, Honeywell, and Ecobee are all technology industry leaders. Each organization produces Wi-Fi thermostats, giving homeowners nearly limitless control over their indoor air temperature. These devices:

  • Pair with smartphone apps. Homeowners can learn about regulating their energy use via smartphone apps. That way, they can predict their energy bills before they arrive. They can also adjust their energy consumption accordingly.
  • Rely on Wi-Fi connections. By relying on internet connections, one can regulate their home’s temperature, even when they’re at work or on vacation. Cybersecurity features also limit who has access to the thermostat’s settings.
  • Reduce electric bills. The older a thermostat gets, the less efficient it becomes. Thermostats can generally last around 10 years before they need replacing. A new, programmable thermostat can pick up where an older model left off, improving the home’s energy consumption and HVAC system’s efficiency.

One doesn’t have to attend trade school to install a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. Many of these thermostats come with easy-to-follow instructions, minimizing frustration.

Routinely Changing the Air Filter

EnergyStar notes that one should replace their HVAC system’s air filter once every three months. They should do so even more often if:

  • The home has furry pets, such as cats or dogs
  • Multiple people reside in the home
  • The AC remains on for hours at a time

An air filter prevents dust, dander, and debris from clogging the HVAC system’s vents. Without a clean air filter, the system can’t breathe, increasing the home’s energy bills. The HVAC system will work overtime to achieve the desired temperature.

Before one replaces their HVAC system’s air filter, one should check the filter’s length, width, and thickness first. Air filters are not one-size-fits-all deals. Certain sizes fit certain units. An ill-fitted air filter only increases energy bills and prevents the system from working properly. A professional can assess one’s air filter replacement needs and advise homeowners on other energy-efficient measures.

Schedule an Appointment with an HVAC Professional

Homeowners should schedule annual visits with HVAC professionals at least once a year a professional can:

  • Advise homeowners on how to lower their energy bills
  • Address problems before they arise
  • Replace the HVAC system’s air filter
  • Install a smart thermostat
  • Clean the air ducts
  • Advise homeowners on year-round maintenance measures

A professional can also identify any behaviors that waste energy and money. For instance, a professional may advise installing a box fan instead of keeping the AC on all day. They may also recommend switching to more energy-efficient practices, such as installing solar panels.

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