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Preparing Your Furnace for the Winter Season: Don’t Wait for the First Cold Night!

Long before the beginning of the winter, you should service and clean your furnace to prepare it for the upcoming cold season. You don’t want a surprise when you turn on the furnace for the first time.

It’s vital that you service the furnace long before you need it. You can schedule a seasonal check before winter, and often, might be able to take advantage of a lighter, flexible technician schedule to get an appointment that is convenient for you. When the cold weather slams into the region, you could be in for trouble if the furnace doesn’t start.

Albuquerque Furnace-Maintenance-ServicesFilters, Belts and Fans

During that maintenance appointment, the technician will change the filters to ensure that the unit is free from dust and debris.

During the off-season, the unit can become dusty and dirty, which can be a problem in the belts as well as the fans. The belts, much like those in a car, can become cracked over time.

The fan motor as well as the fan belt are the most common reasons that the furnace will stop working in the middle of winter. The technician will make sure there are no cracks and will blow dust from the fan itself.

Burner and Blower Motor

Along with the filter and fan motor, the burner and blower motor needs to be cleaned too. All connections, hoses and wires need to be inspected for frays and cracks. The technician will clean and check for rust too.

Some blower motors are sealed, which means they do not need to be lubricated to function correctly. The technician will know the difference and whether it needs to be oiled.

The Problem May Be Your Thermostat

The technician will turn on the thermostat and monitor how the system starts. If you have an older thermostat, it might be time to consider a programmable thermostat that helps you control the exact temperature in the home throughout the day. It can automatically turn the temperature down at night and when no one is home.

While you’re waiting for the technician, you should remove any boxes or debris from around the furnace. Clean the vents and ducts leading into the home. Make sure they are not filled with dust and move furniture that may be blocking them.

Ensure that your furnace is in working order before the winter frost! Call Daniel’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (505) 510-4632 now to winterize your Albuquerque home early.