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Make Sure That Heater Is Ready for Winter Now!

There is no doubt that society moves fast, and people are often too busy to remember to keep up on maintenance for their homes. However, maintenance is one of the most important things a homeowner can do for their home for many reasons. Namely, it keeps the home working at peak efficiency around the clock. There is more information on why maintenance is so important listed below. Heater maintenance and repair should be done twice a year if homeowners want to ensure their heater is always in tip-top shape.

That’s why professionals are here to remind homeowners of the importance of maintenance and why now is the time to schedule an appointment. Continue reading to learn more!

Heater Maintenance Is Important: Here’s Why

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Contrary to what most homeowners might think, investing in regularly scheduled heater maintenance can save them money in multiple different areas. First, a heater that is regularly maintained won’t have as many surprise breakdowns. Therefore, the homeowner will save money on potential damages and repair expenses due to breakdowns.

Homeowners will also save on their monthly energy bills because their heater will work at peak efficiency. Working at peak efficiency means the heater won’t use as much energy to keep the house warm in the winter.

Regular heater maintenance saves them money on repairs over the long term as well. A system that has been regularly maintained throughout its lifetime is a system that won’t need parts replaced as often. So, homeowners won’t have to replace as many worn-out parts throughout their heater’s lifetime.

Participating in regular heater maintenance also ensures the heater or furnace won’t void out of its warranty. Most warranties have a clause stating that homeowners must regularly maintain the heater to remain applicable for the warranty.

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Why Now? Isn’t It Too Early for Winter Maintenance?

The end of the summer is the perfect time to schedule fall/winter maintenance. HVAC companies get extremely busy in the fall. Everyone tries to schedule their maintenance appointment simultaneously, and then some people need to have repairs or replacements done on top of that.

Scheduling the appointment at the end of the summer will ensure that homeowners get the appointment time they want and that their heater is ready to go, just in case a cold front comes through in the fall.

What Do Professionals Do During Maintenance Checks?

During a professional maintenance check, homeowners can expect their entire heater system to get a tune-up. Every part will be tested for durability and wear and tear.

Here are some of the things professionals do during heater maintenance checks:

  • Check and clear vent system
  • Checking the heat exchanger to ensure it works properly
  • Looking for corrosion anywhere on the unit
  • Checking and cleaning the blower
  • Remove blockages in air in-take grills
  • Checking burner and flame sensor for proper use

That is why regularly maintained heaters last longer than heaters that never receive maintenance.

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