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What Temperature is Recommended in Your Home During the Winter?

check_your_thermostate_480Obviously, the temperature fluctuates outside during different seasons. But did you know that it is a smart move from an energy efficiency point of view to adjust your thermostat accordingly? Often, people just leave their thermostat at the same setting year-round, which is a mistake.

So, what is the appropriate setting for the season? Here are our best tips.

When the Weather Outside is Lower than 55° F

When the thermometer is dropping below 55° F, you should set your indoor environment to 68° F. That creates a perfect balance and means that your furnace doesn’t have to work extra hard.

If you are still feeling chilly, don’t turn the thermostat up higher. That’s just going to waste energy. You need to consider the possibility that your home may not be airtight. Do you have any cracks in the seals around windows and doors? How old are your windows? Is the insulation in place in your attic? Chances are if you review and remedy these potential problems, you’ll be warm enough at 68° F.

When the Weather Outside is Warmer than 55° F

By the same token, if the weather outside warms up beyond 55° F, then you need to adjust your air conditioning unit to 76° F. Even if you’ve got a winter heat wave going on outside, resist the urge to drop the thermostat too low. Chances are it’s a temporary weather blip, and significant indoor temperature change could potentially cause your unit to freeze.

Night Adjustments

Since your family is at rest during the night, you can adjust your thermostat downwards to save money (just one of the many benefits of a programmable thermostat). As long as the furnace is running, it is perfectly acceptable (and comfortable) to set your thermostat at 62° F. Extra blankets on your bed will help with warmth while you are sleeping for free.

When the Weather Outside Hits 55° F

how_old_is_your_thermostat-jpg_360There are times that indoor comfort can be created without the help of your air conditioner or your furnace. When the outdoor temperature reads 55° F, simply turn your air conditioner off and open your windows. The breeze from outside will cool your home effectively.

It’s also nice to be able to air out your home mid-winter, especially if you’ve been cooped up for the season. Be sure that when you open your windows that your heater and your air conditioner are both switched off because you’ll be wasting energy and money otherwise.

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