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Top Signs You Need A New Heater


Albuquerque HeatingNo family ever wants to step into their home after work or wake up in the middle of the night only to find the temperature unbearably cold. Modern heating systems are extremely durable, but every appliance is going to need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Here is a closer look at some signs that it may be time to give us a call to replace your heating system, the benefits of purchasing a new system, and what you can expect after installing a new furnace or heater.

How Do I Know If My Heater Needs To Be Replaced?

Outside of a heater no longer producing warm air when it is needed, there are a few common signs that owners can keep an eye out for when it comes to their home’s climate control system. Primarily, owners want to be aware of any erratic behavior from the heater such as it turning off and on again rapidly, making odd noises, or struggling to maintain a consistent temperature. Many will also notice that they must continue to increase the settings on the thermostat in order to keep their home at the same temperature. Finally, it is a good idea to at least partially track one’s energy bills throughout the year in order to catch any disparities in monthly expenses.

What Are The Benefits Of a New Heating System?

Modern heating systems are more effective than ever, and this means lower energy bills when older units are replaced. Many owners will find that these units practically pay for themselves as the savings on monthly energy usage overcomes the installation costs. Residents may also notice an increase in the air quality of their home as newer systems can more effectively filter out dust and other toxins that can lead to a variety of health issues for a family.

How Long Does Replacement And Installation Take?

Albuquerque Heater ReplacementThe overall time frame for replacing an older furnace or heating system will come down to how much custom is needed. In the majority of situations, our experienced technicians can swap out the main components of a heater in just a single day. If the system is upgraded and needs additional units such as a dehumidifier, an additional day may be needed. This means that you and your family could be enjoying a more comfortable home and efficient HVAC system in as little as 24 hours from giving us a call.

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