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Why You Should Always Listen To Your Mom (It Saves Money!)

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s a good opportunity to think of your mom and how grateful you are for the many years of love, support and advice that she has given you. If you are a mother, you really can appreciate how hard she worked and how difficult a job being a mom can be!

Plus, once you become an adult, you begin to really appreciate some of your mom’s tips and advice – even those that you found annoying as a kid. You also realize that mom knew what she was talking about and that her tips are actually really helpful especially when it comes to taking care of your house and your HVAC system.

Make Sure There’s No Fire

dontdothatMost moms have a non-negotiable rule about fire. While there are many good uses for fire – we’re sure you argued a few as a kid – when it comes to burning things in or near your house, stick with mom’s rule: no fire.

In addition to some of the obvious risks that come from burning things in your home or yard, doing so can release dangerous fumes into the air. This can make the air in and around your home dangerous to breathe and can put a strain on your HVAC system. Rather than risking it, heed mom’s advice this year and don’t burn anything in or near your home!

Do Some Gardening

gardeningIt seems that most moms love gardening, flowers, and plants. There are many good reasons to like these things, especially when it comes to your home’s air quality. Green plants and gardens help to purify the air in and around your home.

This not only makes it safer and healthier for your family to breathe, but it also takes some of the pressure off of your HVAC system and its filter. So, follow in your mom’s footsteps and do some gardening this spring.

Have You Vacuumed?

vacuumfloorThis is a favorite mom question, especially if you grew up in a home with pets. While it wasn’t a favorite question to hear as a child and it’s not a popular chore as an adult, vacuuming is an important way to improve your indoor air quality.

By vacuuming regularly you can help remove allergens and pollutants from your home. This improves your indoor air quality and can have a significant impact on your family’s health, especially if you have family members that have allergies or respiratory problems.

Plus, it takes some of the strain off of your HVAC system and your home’s air filters. We know you don’t like doing it, but mom knew what she was talking about when she made you vacuum that floor. So this Mother’s Day, go hug your mom and thank her for being right about more things than you knew. And then, make sure that you take her advice to help improve your home’s air quality and to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.