Albuquerque Ductless Mini Split AC System Services

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Ductless mini split AC systems are a wonderful alternative to traditional air conditioners offering maximum control over your interior climate. At Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC we offer expert ductless mini split AC installation and repair services to all of our valued customers throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding communities. Serving both residential and commercial properties our licensed cooling technicians are available for emergency and routine repairs, as well as reliable installations and thorough examinations of these amazingly efficient systems. We encourage you to talk to our knowledgeable AC specialists about all of the benefits that ductless mini split AC systems have to offer.

AC Ductless Mini Split Services Albuquerque, NM

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What Are Some Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split AC Installation Service?

  • Reduces utility bills: One of the most important benefits of a ductless mini split AC system is increased efficiency resulting in lower monthly energy costs.
  • Zoned cooling: A ductless mini split AC system will allow customers to set various temperatures in every room throughout a home or business.
  • Simple to install: These highly effective systems do not require ductwork, making ductless mini split installation fast and simple with minimal alterations to your property.
  • Quiet operation: Healthy systems operate quietly. Some traditional air conditioning units can make a lot of noise which can disrupt sleep patterns and make it harder to hear you loved ones, co-workers, and friends.

How Much Can You Save With These Units?

While the initial cost of a ductless mini split AC system may be higher than other air conditioning units, you will experience endless savings in operational costs. The average home or business will notice savings of up to 50% each month on electricity, due to an increase in efficiency and interior climate control. Because these systems offer zoned cooling you can set lower temperatures in the areas of your property that are currently being used and increase temperatures in abandoned rooms.

What Are Some Common Problems With These Units?

  • Poor airflow: Ductless mini split AC systems need to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure optimal airflow and faster cooling throughout every room. We recommend a routine ductless mini split AC system cleaning at least once a year to guarantee maximum efficiency.
  • Inadequate cooling: This type of air conditioner requires refrigerant refills on occasion to maintain cool air when the system is in operation. In addition, a faulty or broken fan prevents a ductless mini split AC system from distributing cooled air properly.
  • Hot and cold spots: When customers have issues with hot and cold spots in a home or building, we check the system’s settings to see if specific changes can prevent this from occurring. Cold and hot spots in homes and businesses are often a result of having poor insulation around doors and windows. Our cooling specialists additionally offer expert attic insulation services in order to further combat this problem.

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What Are Some Simple Ways to Maintain These Units?

  • Changing filters: Changing filters each month during a ductless mini split AC repair can reduce electric bills while keeping customers cool and comfortable. Our experienced technicians provide expert cleanings and inspections at commercial and residential properties.
  • Regular inspections: Keeping up with a regular mini split ac maintenance schedule on a property’s unit is a great way to ensure that the devices continue to function optimally.
  • Check interior components: During a routine mini split maintenance visit our professionals will also open the cover on all of the units to ensure that all components are working correctly.

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