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When you are a home or building owner that is responsible for the cesspool and septic tank facilities on your property, understanding how your sewer line functions are essential to keeping it well maintained and in great working condition. At Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC our specialists are committed to helping our customers in around Albuquerque to understand what causes sewer line problems and how to look for signs that it is need of professional service. When you are experiencing a problem our affordable sewer line repair and replacement services will make sure that it is under control and help to prevent any future complications.

Sewer Line Repair Replacement Albuquerque, NM

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Common Causes Of Sewer Line Problems

One of the main reasons a sewer line will have issues is because the cesspool has not been pumped. However, there are a few other situations that could also cause problems. Namely, there could be an excessive solid material that is trapped in the drain pipes. After our experts remedy the problem, further issues can be prevented by a grease trap, proper filters or baffles.

Additionally, certain types of bacteria can help to break down solid materials. A lack of these microorganisms will cause a buildup up in your sewer line that will only get worse over time and eventually warrant the need for professional services. It is also important to remember that planting trees around your sewer line can be highly destructive, as the roots can make their way into your line and cause it to rupture. Paving over a leach field can also cause serious issues with your sewer lines.

What Are Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced?

When your sewer lines are experiencing issues, it might not always be obvious. However, there are some signs you can look out for that may indicate the need for repairs or even a replacement depending on the specific circumstances. If you notice a decrease in water pressure in your home or commercial property it may be time to call in our plumbing experts for service. Overflowing toilets and drains that will not clear are other telltale issues that your sewer line needs to be inspected for damage. A muddy leach field or one that is full of indentations caused by shifting soil can indicate a leak in your line. You may also notice that the grass and shrubs surrounding your property are more lush than usual, this is because the land has become waterlogged due to a leaking sewer line. The smell of sewage in or around your property is another clear indication that the line has burst. A leaking sewer line may lead to a drastic increase in your water bills as well and could cause massive damage to your property, which is why it is so critical to have repairs made quickly and install a new line when necessary.

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What Are the Advantages of Video Sewer Camera Inspections?

If you want to avoid having plumbing crews work with shovels and bulldozers to dig up your sewer lines, camera inspection is a logical alternative. With video sewer camera inspections, a long waterproof line is inserted in the system, and the equipment is moved to the source of the problem. As it travels, the conditions of your pipes are observed by trained professionals from a remote viewing screen. Once the condition is diagnosed, the choice of cleaning, repairing, or replacing your sewer line can be made.

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