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An AC unit needs refrigerant in order to cool down air before it is distributed throughout a ventilated space. The coils inside your unit contain this essential product and must be recharged from time to time in order to ensure adequate cooling throughout a home or commercial property. A refrigerant leak will require an immediate repair to restore interior comfort and eliminate potential health problems caused by the specific chemical.

Here at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC we believe in offering not only the highest quality air conditioning and refrigeration repair services to our customers in and around Albuquerque, but also educating you on the proper ways to maintain your cooling systems.

Refrigeration Repair Services Albuquerque, NM

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What Are Some Signs That You Have a Refrigerant Leak?

The most common type of problem you may have with the refrigeration in your AC unit is a leak. When you have a refrigerant leak, the copper refrigeration lines, or condenser coils, must work harder to cool down the air that passes through your system. Here are some telltale signs to look out for that may indicate a refrigerant leak:

  • Loss of cooling power: As the level of refrigerant in the lines drop, the AC system must work harder to cool down spaces in a home or building. If you are starting to lose cooling power gradually, it could be a refrigeration problem.
  • Formation of ice or frost: When refrigerant leaks out of your system and the charge drops too low, the evaporator coil will no longer be able to absorb heat so that the cold refrigerant can be warmed up. This leads to a formation of moisture that will turn into ice or frost around the coil.
  • Hissing sounds: Refrigerant is a gas that can escape from the lines when they become compromised. Even a hole the size of a pin needle can lead to a hissing sound. If you hear a hissing noise coming from the AC cabinet, contact our professionals right away.

Why Do You Need Professional Refrigeration Services?

It may be tempting to take on a refrigeration repair project on your own, but this is something that should be left to the team of licensed professionals at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC. Refrigerant will not simply stop leaking once it has been recharged. If there is a source for the gas to escape through, it will continue to leak until the problematic area is located and sealed. This can be potentially hazardous to the people that come in contact with it.

Our experts will find the location of the leak and seal it prior to recharging the system. We will use high quality refrigerant and fill the system to optimum levels. Overfilling the lines can actually damage your air conditioner beyond repair and warrant the need for a premature replacement. Put your trust in us to provide quality refrigeration repair services.

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What Are the Causes of Leaks and How Can They Be Avoided?

Many people wonder why refrigeration leaks are so common when copper coils are used to protect the lines. While technologies have advanced, there are still common causes to these leaks. One of the leading causes is the formation of formic acid that comes from the copper material over time. To prevent leakage, it is important to have your unit cleaned and maintained regularly, especially at the common leak points. By enlisting the help of our certified technicians for annual tune-ups, you can extend the life of your lines and resolve minor problems before they develop into more serious complications.

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