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It takes highly skilled professionals to care for the heating systems in a home or commercial property. When temperatures plummet in New Mexico you need a reliable company to offer expert repair services if any problems with your heater or furnace arise. Before the cold weather sets in it is also a good idea to have a thorough maintenance inspection performed on your heating system to avoid any unforeseen complications. In more serious cases where repairs are no longer viable the specialist at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC provide a number of efficient options for heating system installation and replacements to ensure that the residents of Albuquerque and the surrounding communities always remain in complete control of their interior climate.

Heating Services in Alburquerque, NM

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What is the average lifespan of a heater?

There is a lot to take into consideration when examining the lifespan of a heater. At any basic or standard rate, most modern heating systems will last from 15 to 20 years. However, this number can vary greatly depending on how much care the unit receives. Factoring in the components of a heater will help you to understand why its estimated operation is so flexible. Though 15 to 20 years is a solid expectation, regularly scheduled inspections, tune-ups, and repairs will allow a heater to go well beyond 2 decades of service. Most defective parts of a heating system can be replaced with new ones fairly easily by an experienced technician, which will help to extend its operation substantially. Conversely, a heating system that does not receive adequate service will continue to malfunction until the entire unit eventually dies out.

What are some benefits of a regular heating maintenance service?

The number one advantage to regularly scheduled heating maintenance visits is that your system will continue to provide consistent comfort throughout your home or commercial property. You will also have the immediate benefit of lower energy bills, as an efficient system will have to work much harder to provide even heating throughout a property. Routine inspections with our licensed heating and cooling specialists will help to spot any minor issues so that they can be repaired quickly and ward off more serious complications that may result in having to replace the entire unit. Replacing dirty air filters as needed will also help to extended the life of your heater, maintain suitable indoor air quality, and improve the overall health of everyone inside the property.

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What are some signs that you need furnace replacement or repair?

Whenever you turn the temperature up within your home or building one very specific thing should happen; the space or room your are in should become warmer. Thus, the most immediate sign of a need to repair or replace your furnace would be when your are no longer able to produce a comfortable climate inside your property. Poor indoor air quality, which can cause allergy symptoms to flare up and create several other health related issues is another sign of a malfunctioning furnace. Lowered indoor air quality usually illustrates that a lack of service has allowed dust and other air contaminants to accumulate in your furnace. Eventually, these harmful particles will be dispersed throughout your property and residents may begin to develop respiratory problems.

If you notice cracks in your furnace or a pilot light that has turned from blue to yellow, this could indicate a far more serious issue. You may even begin to feel light-headed or nauseous, as carbon monoxide could be leaking out of your unit. Upon noticing these signs or symptoms, evacuate your home immediately and contact our professionals for emergency service.

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