Albuquerque AC Filter Replacements

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The air conditioning unit is perhaps one of the most utilized but neglected systems in a home or commercial property. If the system fails prematurely, chances are the unit wasn’t properly maintained. The air filter is really important for keeping your heating and cooling systems functioning at their best. In order to maintain an optimally functioning system it is important to have your filters replaced on a consistent basis. Efficiency, cleaner air, and lower utility bills are all key advantages in changing out the filters regularly. The professionals at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC are here to offer reliable air filter service to each and every valued customer throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding communities.

AC Filter Replacements Albuquerque, NM

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When Is Professional Air Filter Replacement Service Necessary?

Professional air filter replacement may be necessary to enforce a warranty provided. A professional should perform the air filter replacement service if the person has limited experience performing this type of maintenance. Additionally, if the person can’t get to the filter due to layout and design, it is always better for a specialist to handle the filter replacement. If the system hasn’t been serviced regularly, professional maintenance may make it much easier to detect any other potential problems with the unit.

How Often Should You Have Air Filter Service Performed?

Ideally, AC filter replacement should take place every six months for households without pets. Homes located in urban environments may require a 3-month replacement schedule due to external air quality considerations. If the household has a pet, the air filter may need to be changed every two months. If a person has pet allergies, the filter should be replaced monthly.

What Are the Benefits of Regular AC Filter Replacements?

EPA documentation states that indoor air quality is 70% more polluted than outdoor air. The indoor air quality is improved when the filters are replaced regularly. Regular air filter service minimizes risks of disease from indoor pollutants present in the air. Lower utility benefits are yet another advantage. When units are serviced regularly, home and commercial property owners with start to notice an immediate reduction in their monthly utility bills. Something as simple as changing the air filter on a regular schedule can put money back into your pocket and will help to extend the life of your air conditioning system.

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What Happens if You Neglect to Have AC Filter Replacement Service Performed When Needed?

The indoor air quality depends on the air conditioning unit. A system performing optimally improves indoor air quality and promotes proper airflow. A system that is not adequately maintained is subject to breakdown and failure. Residential or commercial property owners struggle with higher repair costs and frequent issues whenever the system’s performance suffers. A system can age more quickly and operate inefficiently.

The air filter determines the indoor air quality and preserves the performance of the system. Better indoor air quality and lower energy costs are both achieved whenever the system is regularly maintained. Minor servicing like air filter replacement and having your system professionally inspected protects the property owner’s investment.

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