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The cold season is quickly approaching, and for wise homeowners and renters, late spring or early autumn are the best times to decide how to heat your home this winter and gas log fireplaces are a great way to go. Some people assume it is more prudent to stick with good old-fashioned wood burning fireplaces. While the rustic smell of wood smoke does inspire warm, nostalgic feelings when you’ve just built the first fire of the season, by January the romance of the fireplace has faded somewhere between trips to dump ashes and retrieve more logs.

A great alternative to traditional fireplaces is gas log systems. While they provide the same “thaw-out” factor that you get standing in front of your fireplace after a freezing trip outdoors, traditional fireplaces can’t hold a candle to gas logs for ease of use and the ability to keep a home comfortable. They are also far more cost-effective, as purchasing wood can become quite expensive.

Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC can quickly install a highly efficient gas log fireplace in your property so you can start to enjoy all the benefits these systems have to offer right away. Our licensed heating and cooling specialists also offer repair and maintenance services to ensure that customers continue to get the most out of their gas log systems.

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Gas Log Fireplace Installation & Repair Services Albuquerque. NM

What Are the Advantages of Gas Log Fireplaces?

First, gas logs provide quick, even heat with the push of a switch or touch of a remote. Fireplaces require matches, tinder, kindling, and various sizes of wood: leave out any of these and starting a fire that will actually warm your property isn’t going to happen. Further, traditional fireplaces require homeowners to keep a dry supply of firewood. If firewood is wet it will never burn as hot as it should, and if it is kept dry very near the house, mice and other critters may take up residence in your woodpile. If you have a woodshed away from your home, trips to get wood will take time and can be a chilling affair. The price of firewood, as well as having to unload it and stack it takes up valuable time and can also be quite costly. Lastly, stray embers from a wood burning system can destroy carpet and may even start a fire. Gas log units offer an unmatched level of safety and convenience when compared to traditional fireplaces.

What Is the Gas Log Fireplace Installation Process?

For the experts at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC installing a gas log fireplace is relatively simple. Gas log fireplaces eliminate the need for a chimney so if your property does not have one there is no need for the extra costs involved in installation, cleaning, and repairs. Our qualified professionals can help you to choose the unit that is best suited for the specific requirements of you and your property and proceed to install gas lines and hookups, secure the intakes, add the burner and carefully place the logs in an aesthetically pleasing order, then add the sand and rocks necessary to evenly distribute heat. We can even add glowing embers to your system to give it a more authentic feel. If you are choosing to convert your traditional fireplace into a gas log system we can make sure your existing unit is rated for use with vented logs. You can also choose to go with an optional remote that makes your gas log fireplace even more convenient to operate.

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Is Gas Log Fireplace Maintenance Required?

Maintenance of gas logs compared to traditional systems is a breeze. One of the greatest things former fireplace users love once their gas log fireplaces are installed is simplicity. No longer is it necessary to wake in the middle of the night to tend the stove. No more unsightly bark scraps to sweep or ashes buckets to empty. No more clothes with splinters from carrying firewood. Maintenance is also simple. Instead of performing flue cleanouts and chimney sweeps, a quick yearly inspection by our qualified professionals can make sure your system is ready to provide another winter’s warmth. After we inspect for gas leaks and other potential fire hazards, all you need to do is wipe down the gas logs gently. It really couldn’t be easier.

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