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As the temperatures rise in Edgewood, your air conditioner becomes more than just a luxury, but a necessity if you value your comfort and health. While modern day air conditioning units are far more technically advanced when compared to older systems like swamp coolers, they still require routine maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them operating efficiently from one season to the next. It is important for home and commercial property owners to have the right type of unit and to invest in tune-ups and regularly scheduled inspections to ultimately save money while maintaining a suitable interior climate. Here at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, we believe in doing more than just offering services, we want to give customers the information needed to ensure adequate cooling in their home or building.

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What are some benefits of replacing your evaporative cooler with a new AC system?

An evaporative cooler otherwise referred to as a swamp cooler, is a system that is designed to add humidity into indoor air in an effort to lower the temperature in the room. While this can be beneficial in areas with very dry conditions, when swamp coolers run for long periods of time the evaporated water that is pushed into the air can make the room extremely humid, which leads to extreme discomfort. Here are some benefits of replacing your evaporative cooling unit with a modern AC system:

  • Improved indoor air quality: Due to outdated cooling technology an evaporative system can significantly increase the humidity in a home or building. Modern air conditioners will eliminate this problem, minimizing the risk of a number of health related issues as a result of poor indoor air quality.
  • Cooler room temperatures: AC units are capable of reaching much cooler temperatures.
  • Less maintenance: AC units require annual maintenance and evaporative coolers require maintenance about once a month.
  • Lower humidity: Evaporative coolers add moisture to the air, which can have a negative effect on wallpaper, paint, roofing materials, and furniture over time. AC units will not cause indoor damage or deterioration.
  • Better climate control: With a thermostat, you are in control of how cool your rooms become. Evaporative systems can only cool a property based on the temperature it is outside.

What are some benefits of professional AC maintenance?

There may be maintenance projects that you are capable of doing around your property, but repairing or tuning-up your AC unit is not one of them. Our professionals are licensed to repair and maintain cooling systems, as we are extremely knowledgeable in all of the latest technologies. Here are some of the benefits of our comprehensive maintenance inspections:

  • Extending the life of your unit.
  • Ensures that your unit is running at optimal levels for better cooling.
  • Lowering energy bills by making the unit more efficient.
  • Reducing repair costs in the future by preventing breakdowns.

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What are some signs that it’s time for air duct repair or replacement?

You may experience problems with your air ducts over time, which can affect the performance of your cooling system as a whole. Knowing what signs to look for can help customers to spot problems early on, before they become more serious issues. If you do not repair your ducts when needed, you could put more stress on your AC system as well as lower your indoor air quality. Here are some common signs that it is time to have your air ducts repaired or replaced:

  • Inconsistent temperatures: If there are warm spots around the ventilated space, there could be a problem with the ducts that needs to be addressed.
  • Humidity: If you notice excessive humidity in your property followed by mold growth, your air ducts may be compromised.
  • Poor air quality: If you notice dirt and debris coming through your vents, there could be a problem with your filter or a tear in your ductwork.
  • Tears: If you can visibly see cracks or rips in your ducts, cool air is being lost. Our professionals can determine whether a simple repair will solve the problem or if new ductwork is needed.

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