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Keeping up the integrity of your heating systems will require competent service done by able hands with years of experience. The team of professionals at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC are here to offer expert installations, thorough inspections and tune-ups for all of your equipment, and will promptly perform any needed repairs or replacements. No matter what time it is our 24/7 emergency services were put in place to assure that customers in and around Placitas can always count on us to be there when more serious situations arise.

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What are some common furnace problems?

The most apparent sign that your furnace is in need of professional service is if your home or commercial property is no longer reaching its desired temperature. If you notice a lack or complete absence of heat, contact our experts right away. After inspecting your unit we will be able to determine the cause of the issue and the most effective way to resolve the situation. Be sure to look at your utility costs each month. A sudden increase in your bills will likely indicate that your unit is losing efficiency and in many cases replacing your furnace will be the better solution. Unusual noises coming from your furnace can indicate a number of possible issues and you should have our specialists check it out as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that cracks in gas-powered furnaces should not be ignored. iF you see visible damage to the system or you notice that your pilot light is yellow instead of blue, carbon monoxide could be leaking into your property. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak evacuate your home or building immediately and contact us for emergency service.

What advantages do heat pumps offer?

Heat pumps are relatively new units that that do not burn oxygen—thereby keeping a structure clean. They are safe and will absolutely add value to your home. Their efficiency is unmatched, and the comfort they offer will make for a more enjoyable home or building. Climate control features of heat pumps give them great, personal settings that allow you to dictate your preferences. These eco-friendly pumps can also provide adequate cooling during the hotter months of the year.

What parts of a heater are inspected during a routine maintenance visit?

There will be a quick inspection that we will do during the tune-up of your heating system. Our professionals will disconnect the power to avoid any danger and then check for blockages or any leaks. We will also inspect fresh air intakes and drainage as well. Within our complete assessment we will also look at wiring, filters, and any signs of rust or corrosion on your system. Maintenance visits should be scheduled at least once a year to ensure the continued efficiency and optimal functionality of your heater.

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What are the benefits of radiant heating?

  • Maximum comfort: Radiant systems provide highly effective and even heating for superior indoor climate control.
  • Clean: Because radiant heat doesn’t use forced air, dust, pollen, and allergens will not be distributed throughout your property.
  • Energy efficient: As radiant systems do not require ductwork no heat is lost. This makes radiant heat more efficient than forced air or baseboard heating.
  • Quiet: Radiant heating does not require the use of noisy blowers or fans. Your home or building will be both quiet and comfortable.
  • Stylish: Radiant heating eliminates the need for unattractive wall or floor registers.
  • Zoned heating: Radiant heating allows you to set different temperatures for various rooms in your property. This gives you full control over your interior climate.
  • Versatile: Radiant heat can be powered using many different types of energy such as oil, solar, wood, or gas.

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