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Benefits of a Swamp Cooler in Your Home


Albuquerque Swamp CoolerWhen looking for ways to cool your home during the intense summer heat, you may want to consider adding a swamp cooler to your house. While you may have only heard of traditional air conditioning units, these evaporative coolers may help lower the temperature in your home while reducing your energy costs throughout the month.

What is a swamp cooler?

A swamp cooler is a device which cools air through water evaporation hence also being known as an evaporative cooler. Unlike traditional air conditioning units, swamp coolers push cool moist air into the household which also adds to the humidity within the home.

How do swamp coolers work?

Swamp coolers work on a very basic idea. When you push air through a moist or wet surface, the air instantly drops in temperature and retains the water’s chill while changing it to water vapor. Through the use of fans and pumps, the swamp cooler consistently pushes out cool air in order to combat warmer temperatures in the home.

What are the limitations of swamp coolers?

Due to the usage of water in evaporative cooling which produces moist air, swamp coolers are not very effective in very humid climates. They work best in dry heat. Also due to the air exchange required for a swamp cooler to run efficiently, the home must have openings for the air to escape—usually in the form of opened windows.

What are the benefits of using a swamp cooler?

The benefits of these machines far outweigh the limitations. Unlike traditional air conditioning units, swamp coolers are economical to run and maintain. They do require a minimal water supply throughout the month, but in comparison with the savings from running a swamp cooler versus an air conditioning unit, this is negligible.

They also produce a fresh, clean air and do not recycle air throughout the house and permit you to open windows/doors without worrying about wasting energy. The added moisture in the air from a running swamp cooler also serves to combat the extreme dryness from the summertime heat. Albuquerque Air

Swamp coolers are an excellent way to lower the temperature in one’s house as long as you live in the appropriate climate to run one. While producing a constant flow of cool moist air, it also pushes the older air out of your home and creates a comfortable living environment during the hot summer months.

If you’re looking to install a swamp cooler in the Albuquerque area, call Daniel’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (505) 898-8860.