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When you are looking for top-of-the-line heating services, trust the professionals at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC. It is our privilege to provide customers in and around Bernalillo with the care they need to ensure a maximum level of interior comfort in their home or commercial property. If you are in need of heating system repairs, expert air duct services, a thorough maintenance inspection, or even a brand-new installation our specialists are standing by. Fight back this winter season with the ultimate in indoor climate control.

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What are some benefits of installing a new furnace?

  • Fuel savings: Modern brands of high-efficiency furnaces consume about 30% less fuel than their older counterparts. This is assuming that the older furnace is still functioning at optimal efficiency. As furnaces age they will begin to waste even more energy and without a replacement system your utility bills will continue to rise.
  • Money savings: Every single month, it seems like the price of fuel increases. So, it stands to reason that having a new unit that uses less fuel will lead to a reduction in energy costs. Some property owners have commented that their energy prices have dropped by approximately 40% after purchasing a new furnace.
  • Quiet: Newer furnaces have been designed to run with less operating noise as compared to older models. This means that most home and building owners will not even know when their furnace is running.
  • Consistent temperature: Newer furnaces are going to produce consistent heat. This means that there will not be the occasional spike or loss in heat that can make a property uncomfortable.
  • More efficient: New furnaces are designed to be efficient. They can have a lower BTU rating than older units, while at the same time providing more heat than their predecessors. You will also notice a drastic decrease in your monthly utility bills after a new furnace has been installed.

What are some common heating system problems?

One of the most common problems that we see is a malfunctioning ignition system. This means the igniter or pilot light is not activating to heat the air. Another common issue has to do with thermostats. A faulty thermostat can make your property highly uncomfortable or could damage the heating system by causing it to cycle on and off constantly. We can repair thermostat problems fast. Mechanical issues are also very common; belts, fans, motors, and other essential components can break and could lead to system failure. We often see problems with the flow of air through the heating system. This can be due to clogged filters, dirty or damaged coils, or ductwork that is in need of repairs. A final common heating system problem we see is a complete lack of professional maintenance. This can result in a system that does not run efficiently and will continue on its decline until it completely breaks down.

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What are some common signs that it’s time for professional air duct services?

A property’s air ducts are an important part of the heating and ventilation system. Some telltale signs that home and building owners should look out for when deciding if the ductwork may need to be replaced include:

  • Health related symptoms: Increased asthma attacks and allergic reactions usually indicates that air ducts are dirty or damaged, which will significantly lower indoor air quality.
  • Pests & rodents: The constant appearance of pests and rodents in a home or building can likely mean they are hiding out in you air ducts, which can cause a number of more serious issues. If you have already taken steps to remove rodents but they continually reappear, it may be time to have your ductwork professional examined.
  • Inefficient heating & cooling: Blocked or damaged air ducts can prevent warm or cold air from reaching a particular room. In this case an inspection will be necessary to determine how to best solve the issue. Based on the severity of the problem your ducts may need to be replaced.

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