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What are common garbage disposal problems?

Some of the most frequent garbage disposal issues that we see are clogs caused by hard foods, including egg shells and potato peels. Customers are often unaware that these items can break a garbage disposal’s blades or create a blockage. An additional problem is when our customers fail to run water before, during, and after placing food scraps in a garbage disposal to help flush waste through the pipes. When water is not used throughout the garbage disposal’s grinding process, grease and excess food will accumulate in your pipes and potentially cause a serious clog.

What are common signs that you need professional drain cleaning services?

Professional drain cleaning is a specialty job performed by the expert plumbers at Daniels Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC. There are several signs that will indicate that the drains in your property need a professional cleaning to prevent constant clogging. Our customers may notice that their sinks are draining slower than usual and gurgling noises will often be audible. Debris from a clogged drain may float into kitchen and bathroom fixtures, creating a foul odor. Toilet drains frequently develop clogs at the same time because the exterior pipes located underground are filled with bathroom tissue, tree roots, and food debris. Customers may attempt to dislodge clogs with toilet plungers or plumbing snakes with little success. When our team is called, we provide a permanent solution by using a video camera to determine the exact location of a blockage before removing it with one of our advanced drain cleaning methods.

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What are common signs that you have a slab leak?

Slab leaks are often difficult for our customers to detect on their own. Our plumbing technicians understand how to find this problem in order to make repairs promptly to avoid permanent foundation issues in a home or commercial property. We inspect pipes and valves located inside the concrete slab to determine if there are small leaks. All of our customers should know how to find their water meter to see if water is flowing when faucets inside a building are turned off. If there is a major leak in the pipes, it is possible to hear water running when all of your fixtures are turned off. Mud and water located around a building when it has not rained or snowed indicates that there is a severe leak underneath your concrete slab. Our customers should also compare water bills each month to help determine if there is a leak.

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